The Legendary Guitar Makers of Our Time

There is a story that proudly stands behind every Guitar. Musicians say their Guitars are more than just an instrument. It becomes a longtime companion that experiences the same highs and lows as their Guitarist. When a guitar is crafted, there is a sense of integrity and inspiration that is instilled in every design. The works of a Luthier is revered in the musical world. The relationship between a Guitarist, the Guitar and The Legendary Guitar Maker hold a historical Bond. Tried and true Guitar designers and companies have been in business for several decades. They have become a consistent chord in an ever changing industry.

Guitar makers have continually evolved as the song of the seasons have changed. These companies grew in the hearts of Musicians. Seeing their mark on a Guitar creation was to see the promise of genuine quality. As the years passed by, Guitar makers have kept their word. Staying true to tradition, Guitar Makers have continued to express the same fine craftsmanship they were founded upon.

Guitar Makers and Legends

Martin Guitars – In 1833, CF Martin and Co started their business in a time when states were still forming. The earlier Guitars were a bit smaller that kept in line with their Spanish heritage. Martin designed the Dreadnought Guitar making it wider allowing a deeper bass and tone. This design is now the most prevalent among acoustic Guitars.

Washburn – Starting in 1883, this Guitar company was born in Chicago, Illinois. Washburn became the go to Guitar when they created special Guitars for the booming blues era in the 1920’s. It seemed to be fate as Blues music is synonymous with Chicago itself.

Gibson – Everyone has heard of a Gibson Guitar. The company was founded in 1902 with moderate success. They gained immense popularity in 1952 when the renowned Gibson Les Paul was released to the world.

Rickenbacker – Originating in the 1930’s, the Rickenbacker Guitar brand took its place with the Hawaiian Guitar. As they developed mainstream Guitar styles, musicians adopted their styles on the stage. Rickenbacker guitars are most famous for touring with the Beatles which made them a rock and roll icon.

Fender – The youngest of the Guitar Maker lineup has also surpassed all expectations of Guitarists. The year was 1946 when Fender began its journey that led them to musical fame. The Telecaster and Stratocaster are two of the most notable styles that are still used by Guitarists.

The Legend Continues

These Guitar Makers have led the way through musical history. Their genius innovations brought us the dreamy sounds of the Blues to the stylings of Rock. This changed the shape and future of Guitars and Music for past and future generations. Without the dedication of Martin, Fender or Gibson, we would not have the same opportunities  to enjoy the Guitar. From the eighteen thirties, we have watched guitars evolve with the times while keeping honor and tradition in the trade; and sure we shall see even better improvement in the coming days.