The Different Ways a Guitar is Played

The Guitar is perhaps one of the most versatile instruments played through history. It is recognized by appearance for its long neck and curved sides. The sounds of the guitar have proven to be adaptable in every way it is played. Each note the Guitar sings is thrillingly devoted to the style of the Guitar player. This simple yet known fact is the very reason Guitars are so determinedly popular in most Genres. The differences of how they are played have a hand in both the music and style they represent.

Guitars have a long musical resume that dates back thousands of years. As each generation evolved, the stringed instrument seemed to follow its own musical path. During its journey, talents were discovered that took the Guitar to its next cultural destination. The Guitar is distinct when alone and distinguished in a group. They have definitely taken center stage in the family of strings.

Three Ways to Play

How the Guitar is played is determined by a few different factors. The physical size and shape of the Guitar may be adapted for a specific sound. Classical, acoustic and electric are the three main types of Guitars you will find. They all are extremely capable however the setting it is played in will make all the final decisions.

Solo – A Solo Guitarist will follow the notes of a song with a precise level of detail. Many Soloists are also singers and songwriters. They will generally have an interest in classic and acoustics for their melodic variety. When you hear a Guitar solo, you will feel the emotion of the instrument in its full capacity.

Bands – When a group of artists join together, they each contribute their own music in creating a unified tune. There is no set rule of instruments as long as the desired results are achieved. The Guitar is the star of many Bands that sometimes have several Guitarists featured in their style.

Folk – This category is neither solo nor band. It can be a little of both depending on the storyteller. One or more players sit at the helm of the Guitar and explore the rich music that unfolds as the tale grows. You will often have one to three presenters who take turns strumming to the beat of the scene. A flute or wooden wind may accompany the Guitar for a harmonious effect.

After the Show

In modern times, the strings of a Guitar have been a part of every era we have been exposed to. You may have a favorite solo artist or band that highlights the Guitars versatility. From Solo to Folk, we can associate Guitar music with most of the songs we listen to on a daily basis. Acoustic, Classic and Electric Guitars all have their place on our playlist.  From classical strumming and folklore tunes to a rock n roll adventure, Guitars have been much more than an instrument, they are a defining part of our memories.