Legendary Prince Guitar Auctioned for Half a Million USD

The legendary musician Prince died in 2016 and now one of his famous guitars has changed hands. A new owner recently bought the Blue Angel at an auction in California for $ 563,000. The blue cloud guitar dates back to 1984. It was one of the singer’s favourite instruments. Fans know the guitar very well, because Prince had made numerous major tours with the instrument in the 1980s and 1990s. Throughout his life, the musician had a soft spot for guitars that were made especially for him. It was no different with the Blue Angel. It was one of the first four Cloud guitars Prince had received. These were initially white, but Prince had it painted over several times over the years. So, for a long time, it was not sure whether the now auctioned specimen was an original. But science was able to remedy this doubt.

An Investigation Brought Certainty

Experts examined the guitar using computer tomography, and the results provided certainty in the context of extensive research. It was Prince’s original guitar. The instrument was considered missing for a long time. However, the auction house Julien’s Auctions was able to identify the Blue Angel with the help of experts and then released it for the auction. Prince died of a pain medication overdose about five years ago. The singer had previously suffered from hip problems for years without undergoing any necessary surgery. Nevertheless, the musician had risen to be one of the superstars of the 1980s with his album Purple Rain in 1984. What Prince could do as a guitarist, you now see in a newly released video.

A Guitar Solo of the Ages

That is a new cut from George Harrison’s appearance in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame show. At the induction ceremony, numerous superstars such as Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and Steve Winwood stood on stage with the ex-Beatle’s son and played his fathers classic While My Guitar Gently Weeps. They paid tribute to the life’s work of the singer and guitarist, who had already passed away.

A Guitar Solo of the Ages
A Guitar Solo of the Ages

In the middle of the song, Prince unexpectedly came onto stage and started playinh a three-minute guitar solo that went down in the history of music. The video of this gig has gone viral since his death. The director now released a new cut version that focuses on Prince even more. The performance shows an unleashed guitarist who steals the show from an assembled group of legends on stage in a flash. Dhani Harrison’s look speaks volumes. He can hardly believe what is happening on stage one meter away from him. Prince is openly aware of the impact of his guitar solo.

Meanwhile, he looks at the assembled squad of superstars and grins. The new owner of the Blue Angel has now bought a piece of music history. It’s not uncommon for celebrity instruments to be valued at such high prices. A Kurt Cobain guitar sold for almost $ 6 million once. The former singer of Nirvana holds the world record. However, the memory of Prince and his skills with the guitar remains alive.