Five Famous Funny Guys Who Play the Guitar

We can all agree we have our list of favorite Celebrities. While watching their movies, we have been moved to tears and brought to laughter during the same film. The Actors behind the screen have diverse talents that are portrayed in their performance. When it comes to music in movies, it is hard to tell what is truly the actor versus movie magic. Many times, if an actor holds a gift for tunes, it will be included in some of the roles they play. The Guitar especially is a popular instrument with a rock and roll status. When it comes to talent, these Five Famous Funny Guys can also take the stage like any Rockstar, surprising both their fans and the admirers of music in general.

Michael J. Fox

We have been following Michael J. Foxes career since his days on family ties as witty Alex Keaton. He gained even more fame while he traveled through time in the Hit movie Back to the Future. You may remember Marty McFly light up the stage at his parents Enchanted Under the Sea Dance. As with most movies, he didn’t get to play live however it is well known he knows his way around a six string.

Jack Black

As an actor, Jack black is not shy when showing his funny side. He is known for being the funny man on the block with several roles that have landed him the title. One of his most popularized screen sessions is in Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny. He prefers acoustic styles and has made his musical presence known to all of movie kind.

Kevin Bacon

We knew there was more music to Kevin Bacon than his serious dance moves on Footloose. The actor has played some dramas, yet it seems he has a flair for comedies. The Tremors series, Animal House and A few good men are must watch movies if your “cravin the Bacon”. Aside from being a major movie star, he also plays the Guitar. Kevin and his brother Michael formed a duo they call “The Bacon Brothers” in which he shares his shredding abilities on stage.

Adam Sandler

Everyone knows who Adam Sandler is. The Comedic extraordinaire has been seen in stand up, television and block buster hit movies. His Guitar has served as his sidekick while he sings and plays funny songs as a part of his show. Happy Gilmore, Click and Fifty First Dates are a few of the roles he is known for.

Johnny Depp

There is almost no need to say anything further as the name says it all. Johnny Depp is perhaps one of the most diverse Actors we have known. He is notably brilliant without a parallel comparison. The question is… does his guitar playing match up with his genius Acting ability? The answer is yes! Johnny Depp is an all star who seems to rock the show both on and off the screen.