Crazy Custom-Built Guitars That’ll Rock Your Socks Off – Part 2

Some guitars are personalised out both a practical need and maybe the love of a certain fashion, some however are made to stand out, to be as individual and iconic as the people that play them.

The Monkey Train

The next few entries are just that and first up we have the Monkey Train. Lita Ford was once the lead guitarist of The Runaways until broke out into her solo career in the 80s. Ford became progressively more metal as time went on and really found her own groove, her guitars went the same way and throughout her time in the biz we’ve seen her boast a whole host of awesome instruments that absolutely rock. One guitar she played however stands out in particular for it’s somewhat bizarre (yet still absolutely awesome) appearance, that guitar is the Monkey Train. Ford found herself working a lot with custom guitar makers B.C. Rich, who built up many of her ideas into reality. This wacky entry has a body that was modelled on a steam train with a monkey howling in the cabin. Werd? Yes. Amazing? Definitely.

The Axe Bass

KISS is a band that are arguably better known for their dramatic appearance than their music, but that’s not to say that their music isn’t much loved and the axe bass is the best example of how this band have blended the two. You’re likely aware that each member of the band dresses dramatically in black and white with each have their own onstage persona to boot. Gene Simmons is well renowned for his rock and roll life style and on stage the man is known rather fittingly as the Demon. As such no ordinary, run of the mill bass would do, Simmons (and the Demon) needed something metal, something to show the world exactly who he is. What better than a literal representation of the axe? Luthier Steve Carr designed this fitting piece in 1978 and it still looks just as fantastic today, a true weapon in the fight for the right to rock.

The Axe Bass